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About Aviation Heritage

The Aviation Archive project in South Gloucestershire is ably supported by the South Gloucestershire Museums and Heritage Department.

This department, facilitated by South Gloucestershire Council, provides a forum for museums and heritage centres in South Gloucestershire.

It also provides advice and funding to a variety of community led museums, and arranges special events, joint publications and training for its members, who are largely volunteers.

Some of these groups (notably the Bristol Aero Collection and Rolls Royce Heritage Trust) have become part of the Aviation Partnership, which has been of immense help in preparing the stories for this site. It is hoped these will be of interest to site visitors and provide a valuable source of research.

The Aviation Archive project would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their contributions:

  • Bristol Aero Collection
  • Rolls Royce Heritage Trust
  • Rolls Royce plc
  • Airbus
  • BAe Systems
  • Westlands
  • Bristol Reference Library
  • Bristol Record Office
  • Gloucestershire Record Office
  • Sir George White
  • Eileen Godivala
  • Dorothy West
  • Ann FitzGerald
  • Eric Viles MBE
  • Jack Gaston de Coninck
  • C H Barnes
  • Sir Robert Wall
  • Geoff Green
  • Mary O'Neil
  • MOD Abbeywood
  • Mr Donal Smart - son of Ada Smith
  • Peter Beardmore
  • Betty Beardmore
  • Shield / Lomas
  • Picture Post
  • Flight Magazine
  • Jackie and Stan Sims
  • Filton and Yate Library
  • Revd Brian Arman - St Peter's Church
  • Audrey Hawes
  • Avonvale Series J.B & S.C.
  • Bill Gunstan
  • Mrs Thelma Ryczko
  • Frances Logan
Concorde coming in to land