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Aviation Archive: Maps of Filton and Patchway

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Maps of Filton and Patchway spanning 100 years.

These pages contain five maps of the Filton and Patchway area from different points within the last century. The squares of each map contain links to equivalent squares from the other years.

Map from 2003

View the 2003 map for recent aerial photography showing the area today, and also some memorable images of Concorde's return to Filton in 2004.

Link to the map from 2003

1915 Map

Link to the map from 1915 Showing Filton airfield before any of the major site buildings were developed. The map from 1915 was used until 1922.

1932 Map

Link to the map from 1932 The 1932 map shows Filton during one of its most vibrant periods, particularly with regard to engine manufacture.

1955 Map

Link to the map from 1955 From the height of the cold war, the 1955 map has all details of the Filton works removed. The images tell a different story...

1971 Map

Link to the map from 1971 The 1971 map has a lot of the detail of the site restored. Of particular interest from this period was the roll-out of Concorde.