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Other Early Bristol aircraft

In the early years of the company, Sir George White's vision explored many different types of aircraft. He was always the businessman but would consider many of the aircraft which we take for granted today. Lt, C D Burney, RN was given free reign to develop his hydroped biplane. Two machines were built but both proved unsuccessful, however the research went into Burney's invention and development of the Paravane mine sweeping device in 1915,

The S.2A was derived from the Scout and was designed to meet a request by the Admiralty for a two seat fighter. It was powered by a 110 hp Clerget rotary engine. Two machines were built, one went to the Central Flying School where it earned the name 'Tubby', which was quite mild to some of the other epithets.

Frank Barnwell, like many other young men went off to war, the company needing his design ability got him back in 1915 to continue as Chief Designer. he set about, with Leslie G Frise as his assistant to design the T.T.A. a twin engined local defence two-seater. The gunner was positioned in the nose with two free mounted Lewis guns and aninterupted view forward.

The R.A.F.4a engines specified at design were unavailable, all going into the B.E. 12 and R.E.8 programmes and smaller 120 hp Bearmores were used as replacements. The aircraft performed adequately but the aircraft was underpowered and criticised and was not recommended for squadron use.

Then of course Captain Frank Barnwell designed the F.2A. which after alteration turned into the very successful F.2B Bristol Fighter.

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Burney Flying Boat

Burney Flying Boat
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S.2A - Type 8

S.2A - Type 8
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T.T.A. - Type 6

T.T.A. - Type 6
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