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The Flight Group Command

The attack was led by Major Friedrich Kless, a Gruppenkommandeur (Squadron leader) of 11/KG 55. His No 11 group was the most experienced and proficient of the three 'gruppen' and therefore occupied the leading centre position of the 'V' formation, the whole force forming a Geschwaderkeil, three large arrow heads. Major Kless was trained as a pilot/observer and in order to command, without having to think about evasive flying, was flying as observer/navigator on this mission. This was a fairly common practice in Air Forces where the navigator or Observer was designated in command.

The bomb group used Weston-Super-Mare, recognisable by its Pier, as their outer marker guide. They then came on over Portbury, here the anti-aircraft guns opened up and scored the first casualty, bringing down one of the 'Gruppen' lead aircraft. This crashed near Failand to the West of Bristol. The crew bailed out and were captured by farmers; it was 11.45am.

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The Target area

The Target area
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