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RAF 501 Squadron

This was not the first raid on the factory, but it was certainly the most devastating. Following this raid, a squadron of Hurricane fighters was moved to the airfield and local defence co-ordination was improved.

Two days later on the 27th September, the German Airforce returned to complete the task. This time Filton was ready. When the bomber force and accompanying fighters arrived over the City of Bristol, they were met by the squadron of Hurricanes and very accurate anti-aircraft gunfire. They were dispersed before they reached their target and suffered many losses on their escape.

It was a fine clear day and crowds of people, ignoring the danger, came out to watch the dogfights going on above the city. One Messerschmitt was brought down in Fishponds and others were brought down between the city and the South Coast as they fled back to their airfields in occupied France.

The German communiqu' issued for the 25th of September 1940 declared that 'The ports of London and Bristol were particularly heavily bombed'.

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Ginger Lacy a Sergeant Pilot and Ace with 501 Aquadron based at Filton in WW2

Ginger Lacy a Sergeant Pilot and Ace with 501 Aquadron based at Filton in WW2
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