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The Developing Role Of Women In Aviation: Contents

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1  Women working World War 1  In Filton the first orders for 50 Bristol Fighters came in August 1916. Further orders for 600 were requested by July 1917 following its successes in the air over the battlef...
2  Women workers prove themselves   By July 1917 such was the success of the Bristol Fighter that the War Office decided to provide as many flying units as possible with these aircraft. Arrangements were introdu...
3  The Wing Stringers  Ada Smith, a young Bristol worker, and her colleagues worked as wing stringers. They did this by making wire frames over which they stretched canvas as tightly as possible, an...
4  End of War and return to 'Normal'  It took a long time for qualified and fit men to come back from the Western Front and claim their "rightful place" (as it was considered then) in the previously male dominated...