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Some forgotten heroes of World war 2: Contents

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1  The Volunteers  "You are all released from the service". This took the six young men in the 21 Squadron Office at RAF Watton by surprise. Earlier the squadron had asked for volunteers for ...
2  The briefing  On arrival at RAF Bicester the mystery thickened. Here they met more 'civilians', pilots, navigators, observers and wireless operator/gunners, all, it seemed, fully trained o...
3  An uneventful trip - for once  Secrecy was maintained and the crews were not allowed 'off base' that night. They spent their time familiarising themselves with the aircraft, which had been stripped of arma...
4  The pride of a younger brother   From Helsinki the men were taken to the nearby Turko Abo airfield and on February 28th a Junkers 52 flew them to Stockholm in Sweden. Here, in this neutral capital they were ...