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Aviation Heritage stories

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Title Description Length
The Bristol Brabazon - Engineering masterpiece or Great White Elephant
Bristol Brabazon - Type 167

In the dark days of World War 2, a British Cabinet committee met under the chairm...
9 pages
Filton, chosen by Sir George White to be the home of a new venture in aircraft manufacture. The town lies to the north ... 15 pages
The Developing Role Of Women In Aviation
Until the earlier part of the twentieth century, women were expected to stay in their traditional domestic role. Workin... 4 pages
The Bristol Beaufort
The Beaufort was designed in 1937 to combine the requirements of Air Ministry specifications G.24/35 and M.15/35, the fo... 2 pages
The Bristol Blenheim Type 142M
In March 1934 the proprietor of the Daily Mail, Lord Rothermere, agreed with the Bristol Aeroplane Company for them to b... 3 pages
Air Raid at Filton 25th September 1940

This was one battle in the 'Battle of Britain' that we lost. For once an occasion on ...
8 pages
The Helicopter Production at Bristol Aeroplane Company
Helicopter design and manufacture had really begun at Bristol when in 1944, following the 'D' Day build up when Raoul Ha... 2 pages
The Bristol Freighter/Wayfarer Type 170
Back in 1928 the Air Ministry placed an order with the Bristol factory for the design, construction and testing of a met... 1 pages
Britain First

During the twenties and early thirties times were hard for everyone engaged in aviation and man...
2 pages
Captain Frank Barnwell - Aircaft Designer - 1880 to 1938
Frank Barnwell was born of a North Country family in Lewisham, Kent in 1880. He was sent to Fettes College public school... 2 pages
Vulcan - Olympus engine Test Bed - on Fire
There has always been a need to test aircraft engines in the air as well as in static test rigs, which cannot replicate ... 3 pages
Some forgotten heroes of World war 2
The Blenheim a direct descendant of the 'Britain First', sponsored by Lord Rothermere, finally moved the RAF from biplan... 4 pages

... 1 pages

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